Internship and Placement Resources

2 min readJun 15, 2021


Apart from Algozenith’s Premium training here some awesome resources you can refer to for Core CS and Other subjects!

OS [Relative Importance : 4 (more in MCQs)]:
Short Notes:
Gavin Slides:
One Awesome Video course on OS+NETWORKS:
Practice Questions:

DBMS & SQL [Relative Imp — 4 (more in Interviews)]:
Korth Book Slides:
Full Video Course:
Practice problems for SQL:

Main Material to follow for Theory:
Video Course(If you are a person who can’t read books):
AZ Course Video Problems(if in AZ-201), 50 problems in probability, and Heard on the Street Probs section.

NETWORKS [Relative Importance: 3]:
Short Notes:
Video Course:
List of MCQ questions:

DATA-SCIENCE / ML / DL [Profile Specific Importance: 5 ]:
2 Foundational Courses:
Revision note for ML:
Revision notes for DL:
Interview Specific Questions:
For Stats Needed:
5 Applied Idea based Resources: [Personal Fav]
Full resource list:

HR Questions [Relative Importance : 5 (V.IMP)]:
A Great Demonstration:
Minimal List of Questions:
Understand how HR’s are trained to perform better:

All the best!